The Fifty One Membership Partner Agreement 

This electronic document shall serve as an agreement between The Fifty One (Partner 1) and your business or organization (Partner 2). Partner 2 agrees to provide a discount or other benefit (listed below) to any member of Partner 1’s membership program, not to exceed 100 members unless previously approved. Members must present their membership card or provide their membership number to Partner 2 in order to receive the benefit. In return, Partner 1 will provide the following to Partner 2:

  • Partner 2’s business logo and web link on official website

  • Twice-a-year social media post acknowledging partnership (Instagram or Facebook)

  • Logo and boilerplate copy included in all printed event materials (6-8 events per year)

  • Verbal acknowledgement of partnership at all events

Partner 2 will provide Partner 1 with appropriate copy, logos, and other images to be used in both printed and electronic media.

The partnership term shall be from date of signature until December 31, 2019. Either partner may elect to dissolve the partnership at any time and for any reason by submitting notice in writing.

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