The Fifty One Home Shows Artist Agreement

This electronic document shall serve as an agreement between The Fifty One and a musical group or poet (hereinafter referred to as “Artist'“) for entertainment services at a Fifty One Home Show.

1. Artist will:

  • perform one 30 minute musical set.

  • arrive for soundcheck at a mutually agreed upon time.

  • promote the Home Show through their social networks to the best of their ability.

  • provide The Fifty One with advance stage plot, input list, Artist images, and social media links.

  • allow The Fifty One use of Artist’s name and image for promotional purposes.

  • If Artist is unable to perform (due to sickness, accidents, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond his or her control), Artist will take reasonable measures to provide a suitable alternate Artist.

2. The Fifty One will:

  • provide sound system and audio technician.

  • provide door person and ticketing/payment processing systems.

  • provide a designated area for Artist to sell merchandise. (Artist must provide their own sales person and payment processing system for merchandise.)

  • promote show through social networks, mailing lists, and local media.

  • distribute event proceeds to Artist.

3. Event proceeds to be divided as follows:

  • 30% to The Fifty One (fees and youth education programs)

  • 35% to Artist 2 (band or musical performer)

  • 35% to Artist 3 (band or musical performer)

4. Payment

  • Artist must provide The Fifty One with a form W-9 in order to receive payment. All payments are processed by the Shunpike, The Fifty One’s non-profit fiscal sponsor. Checks will be mailed directly to Artist from Shunpike no more than ten days from the date of the show.

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